Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hell week, sucks.

I don't have tons of followers here, as many followers I have in Twitter, Facebook. And I don't know what keeps me posting series of emotions taking placing my heart for the pass few months. It's just that, I am more comfortable posting feelings in a networking site, whom I know.. people will not talk about me.

Final examination week is coming. And I'm freakin' lazy reviewing my pass lessons.
I hate it. I just don't have the courage to fight with it.

Dear Laziness, for the nth time, please.. stay away from me. I need to have high grades this semester, and you effin' don't have positive effects to contribute.

I will not use Facebook for 5 days--for the full duration of my examination week, or should I say--the hell week. I know it will help a little. But staring at my books and notes feels like my body want a bed to lean on. My eyes wants to close for some reasons. Ughhh, this is eradicating my chances of getting good examination results. And I, hate it.

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