Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kung sino talaga si Bianca..


Im so great at getting things done. I always want to run the show and make thingshappen. Im practical, realistic, talkative, and highly analytical. I have a no-nonsenseapproach to life and I live by a code that includes working hard and behavinghonorably. I like structure and can remember and organize many details. I'msystematically set about achieving my goals on schedule and as efficiently as possible.

Im driven to make decisions, often basing them on my own past experience. Whileoutgoing and friendly, I prefer to be in control, strong-willed and very verbal. I'mobjective and analytical having a great reasoning power - rarely convinced by anything other than hard facts and logic. I'm easy to get to know, since"what you see is what you get."

LOVE matters

Im not the person who sees love frolics everytime. I fall inlove easily. I tend to be easy to involved with. Love is so important to me that I probably don't feel quite complete unless I get my fair share of affection nor feelings from others. Physicalappearance is not want I really want, but it always comes to point that this agenda or idea is showing up to other people. Im a passionate person, it makes me feel alive.


Other people might say that Im a natural leader. Im very impressive when it comes to expressing myself confidently and cogently. Im most comfortable when facilitating group work and find it easy learn the respect and attention of my peers. I can bepersuasive and compelling. Some says, Im a down-to-earth and cooperativeand find comfort in routine tasks.

I have a tendency to sometimes be risk-averse with a resistance to change.Practical time management skills may suffer when im too busy enthusing others. Such is my love of interaction that sometimes I find it hard to work quietly on my own. I give so much of my energy and emotions at work and this can leave me exhausted and drained.


I have shown myself to be a real people-person and to have a great gift in bringing out the best in others. When it comes to leadership, I know how important it is to inspire and motivate my colleagues. I try my best to be confident and articulate and to keep things fresh and interesting. I work hard but I also know how to havefun. I have a healthy sense of balance and are motivated by a desire to live life to the full. I can sometimes be quite laid-back about achieving my goals. I tend to land on my feet and so you don't get too stressed about pushing too hard. I definitely have a good life-work balance. And it's true, sometimes success comes to those who don't seem too desperate. This healthy attitude is great so long as I don't come across as disinterested or lazy. It's important that I make sure my colleagues feel that im pulling my weight. I seem to be in a bit of a hectic place in my life right now. There are lots of opportunities and things that I'm interested in, but it's quite hard to know what to focus on. I could probably use a bit of guidance to help to channel my energies in the right way. And yet, I seem to be getting a lot of satisfaction from work right now. I have great relationships with my colleagues. Work sometimes feels like a release from other stresses in my life. Bouncing out of bed with a spring in my step doesn't exactly come naturally for me. I sometimes find it difficult to get moving in the mornings. It might be worth trying to reinvigorate my morningroutine so that getting out of bed is more of a pleasure than a battle! That way I can face the day firing on all cylinders.


ice creams, pizzas, pasta, sweets always convince my childish~ness.

Creativity is all about getting physical. I'd like to role up in sleeves and get stuck in. Being able to make something in with my hands is an importnant expression of who I are. Art is probably a big part of my life. I won't be accepted in our School's publication without this in me. I like to use natural flair for creativity at all times. I particularly enjoy the feeling of seeing a project through from start to finish.Nothing beats the sense of satisfaction that comes from watching my own creationevolve and grow. Chances are I really appreciate the special skills that I have - it’s awonderful gift to be able to express myself in this way.

Im a single minded person who takes pride in making sound judgements and likes to earn the respects of others. I'm idealistic and can be extremely loyal andaccepting from others. I often remain on the sidelines in social situations choosing to observe rather than participate. I probably feel most comfortable in relaxed settingswith my closest friends. A few special relationships are sometimes worth more than huge gang of friends. :]

I enjoy being well-informed and put a great deal of energy into building myunderstanding and knowledge. Im a vivid thinker. Im very inspired by the world around me. I like to be so imaginative and free to explore different ideas and world-views. Im also inspired by anything new and unusual, I tend to look to the future. Im a bit of connectivity junkie.

talk about me, giggles to be with me, I don't even care. I just being me, the Bianca Marie Leong Pascual that my mother had delivered 9 months in her tummy . :)

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